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Venison Medallions with Roasted Squash and Parsley Tabbouleh and fresh Salsa Verde Dressing

A very simple mid week recipe for the summer

Venison with citrus-chile sauce

Couscous Crusted Venison Skewers

This recipe has layers and layers of complementary flavours using Kiwi farmed venison and, with a colourful salad, is a visual stunner.

Rich Venison Ragu with Pappardelle Pasta

Throw the dish in the oven and head off for a nice country walk, when you’re back the work will be minimal and in no time you have the most delicious, luxurious comforting meal!  

Venison quesadillas with Monterey Jack, avocado and backyard salsa

Recipe by Chef Todd Gray of Equinox Restaurant, Washington DC. Venison Quesadillas with Monterey Jack, Avocado and Backyard Salsa.