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Gently Spiced Venison Salad

A festive salad with big, bold flavours that will brighten any meal time.  

Barbequed venison tenderloin and roast vegetable salad

Melt in your mouth tender venison fillet (tenderloin) matched with roasted seasonal vegetables.  Serves four as a light luncheon or an summer evening entrée.

Seared Venison Medallions with Sicilian ‘Agrodolce’ of Red Onions

The mild gamey flavour of venison enjoys the contrast of some sharp tastes. The soft pink hues of red onions first marinated in vinegar then cooked in orange juice and sugar butter fit the bill nicely.      

Venison Roast with Cranberry and Red Pepper Sauce - Annabel Langbein Fresh Everyday

The Silver Fern Farms Venison Roast is now available in all good supermarkets in New Zealand.

Moroccan spiced venison on falafel cakes

Add some Mediterranean flavour to your dinner with Moroccan spice and falafel.