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Warm salad of venison with mushrooms

Warm salad of venison with mushrooms, green beans and slow roasted tomato.

Venison Medallions with parmesan mashed potatoes

Succulent and tender venison medallions with aromatic mashed potatoes.

Tom Hishon's Venison Larb Salad

This is a great summer dish by Tom Hishon of Orphan’s Kitchen – his take on a traditional South East Asian mince and veggie dish known as a larb. The combination of the caramelised onion and plums with the richness of the lean venison mince and crispy cos is a winner. If it’s warm enough, cook the red onion, cos and plums outside over coals on the barbecue to get a smoky, summer flavour and the neighbours’ mouths watering…  

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Venison quesadillas with Monterey Jack, avocado and backyard salsa

Recipe by Chef Todd Gray of Equinox Restaurant, Washington DC. Venison Quesadillas with Monterey Jack, Avocado and Backyard Salsa.