New Zealand Venison


Why is farm-raised Venison from New Zealand so good?

  • It’s lean – Venison from young deer contains virtually no fat.  Common retail cuts are 97-99% fat free – so it provides high quality protein with very little fat.
  • It’s delicious – Venison from New Zealand’s farm raised deer does not have the strong ‘gamey’ flavor that many find off-putting.  A grass diet, careful selection and world’s best processing means that New Zealand venison is a culinary treat.
  • It’s so easy to cook - Farm-raised venison requires virtually no preparation.  Take the meat from the packet, sprinkle with a little pepper, cook to medium rare – serve and enjoy – No fuss and no waste.

Grown in New Zealand

New Zealand Venison is produced on wide open pastures in a natural, free-range environment without the use of growth promoting hormones or steroids.