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Grilled venison chops and tamales, with smoked corn and black beans. Perfect for a summer BBQ

Grilled venison medallions

Grilled venison medallions with prune and apple chutney and crisp fried leek

New Zealand Venison Vietnamese Style Summer Rolls with Nam Prik

A summery spicey starter using fresh vegetables and herbs and tender farm raised venison.

Tom Hishon's Venison Meatballs

A marvellous meatballs recipe from Tom Hishon, owner of popular Auckland eatery Orphans Kitchen. Using good, old-fashioned Worcestershire sauce, grainy mustard and fresh herbs but with a modern twist using grunty, lean venison. Tom’s tips: With the ¾ cup white wine for the meatball sauce, Pinot Gris is the most suitable drop, although if you prefer red wine, feel free to swap out. Roll the meatballs quite large so they stay nice and juicy in the centre. Use other red meats for the mince but Venison is my favourite in a meatball as it’s leaner than other meats and they don’t dry out.   This dish is super versatile and is great matched with a crusty ciabatta, al dente pasta and some steamed greens or a simple salad.   I always make a few extra meatballs for lunch the next day.

Mustard Crust Roast

Accompanied with a brussel sprout slaw, this venison roast recipie is a delicous modern take on a tradional roast.